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One City: Where Urban Development Meets Social Impact

One City is a consortium of passionate urbanists dedicated to reshaping the landscape of urban development. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we serve as a resource for sustainable and inclusive city planning, uniting independent thinkers, community organizations, and formal sector stakeholders under one common goal: crafting cities that work for all.

We believe in the power of collaboration and shared expertise. Our associates come from diverse backgrounds, encompassing a range of skills from construction, project management, and planning, to corporate finance, risk management, and property development. This unique synergy enables us to approach urban management holistically, keeping our focus firmly on the people we serve – especially the organizations of the poor – and ensuring their interactions with formal sector stakeholders are strengthened and supported.

Our mission is to transform abstract ideas into tangible actions, underpinned by practical programmes and projects. Through capacity building, knowledge transfer, and comprehensive planning, we are committed to not just creating, but also sustaining cities that are vibrant, inclusive, and harmonious. Join us in our journey to build cities of the future, one community at a time

Onecity's Urban Vision

One City envisions a future where urban development is inclusive, ensuring that all residents, particularly those in underserved communities, are considered and benefited in city planning and implementation.

  • Sustainable Urban Solutions: One City aspires to champion sustainable urban solutions that align with environmental considerations, maintaining a balance between urban growth and ecological preservation.
  • Empowered Communities: One City’s vision includes fostering empowered, self-sustaining communities that have the resources, knowledge, and capabilities to contribute meaningfully to their cities’ growth.
  • Collaborative Partnerships: One City envisages strong, fruitful partnerships with community organizations, governments, international agencies, private companies, and NGOs. Together, they aim to create a united front for advancing urban development.
  • Knowledge Sharing and Capacity Building: Central to One City’s vision is the propagation of knowledge and strengthening of capacities, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth among institutions and communities involved in urban management.